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Holistic Strategic Management Tools

Our Licenses



Starting at 27+ units of training on our methods: project management, self-management, and strategic management.

Trainer Certificate

81+ units with focus on teaching methodology, design of gamified experiential training programs.

Coach Certificate

270+ units. Coaching methods, with focus on assessment, self-management, strategic management, leadership, communication, collaboration and team building.

Consultant Certificate

900+ units with focus holistic strategic management, risk management, governance, quantification of value.

The PTƟ Standard


The PTƟ Standard offers a systemic set of principles and guidelines for the application of the PTƟ Know How.


PTƟ is a nature inspired, holistic, synergetic and systemic know how.



  • Primordial [Original, Natural, Ancient]
  • Technology [Knowledge, System, Technique, Method, Tool]
  • Theta [9, Complete, Advanced, Holistic, Perfected].


PTƟ Core know how has been developed by the study of nature principles, rhythms, cycles and laws. DNA Generation Algorithms, as well by the study of the human factor (Human Potential, Stages of Development); and by the study of nature inspired know how and technology of ancient civilizations in ancient Eurasia: Europe, Nordic modern Eurasia (Russia, India, China, Japan, Egypt, Arabia, Persia, Asia).


PTƟ Know Know for strategic management creates a futurist and visionary bridge between ancient cultures and technology, current sustainable development global needs and modern holistic strategic management.


PTƟ Core applications have evolved since 1987 as tools and algorithms for self-management, assessment, quantification of value, project management, holistic strategic management, leadership, education, social management, scientific research, wealth generation, technology innovation, governance.


Continous multidisciplinary research at the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken intents to develop novel applications of PTƟ in fields: A.I., ICT, Neuroscience, Biotechnology, Life Span, Human Potential, DNA Studies, Engineering, Geo-Location Assessment, Energy, Holistic Strategic Management, Education, Social Management, Governance, Sustainable Development, Peace, Human Rights, Wealth Generation, Resilience, Family, Culture, Nature Care.

The CXO Program

A 9+ Stages of Gamified Experiential Training on PTƟ Know How, provided by the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.

  • Students complete training modules, volunteer in projects and their roles give to them the possibility of application. Learning by doing.
  • Interns, through work-study contracts and participation in the business incubation projects, research projects, consultancy and education projects, develop tangible skills of application. Goal: Develop CXO Skills.

The CXO Program gives great value to 1.) experience on the field, 2.) strategic management skills and 3.) human potential (Matrix-Q Intelligence). Along the CXO Program students and interns complete skills and qualify for PTT User Certificates. (PTƟ Standard)


PTƟ Licenses


A license gives to its holder the right to use (PTƟ User certificate) and the right to provide the know how to third party (PTƟ Trainer, PTƟ Coach, PTƟ Consultant, PTƟ CXO). (*) For example to provide services based on the use of PTƟ Tools to customers or utilize PTƟ Tools for the advancement of own organization. To be a holder of a PTƟ License means to ensure capacity and skills for responsible application of PTƟ. For example, the knowldge and ability necessary to identify the necessary conditions an organization must have before application of PTƟ Tools for self-management, change management or project management. The core knowledge provied through the training programs for PTƟ User Certificate fosuc on Risk Management, and the ideal or minimmum conditions organizations or individuals must hold before application of PTƟ for them.

(*) Must be members of the PTƟ Professionals Association - PTƟ Network..

PTƟ Certificates

A Certificate describes the number of units of training, skills, level of application the certificate holder has for one or a set of tools.


“Nu paar weken samen met Luis aan het trainen. Heb normaal hekel aan sportschool gedoe (sorry) maar dit is een top combinatie van inspanning en ontspanning met een inspirerende coach. Aanrader ! ”


Now work with Luis for a couple of weeks. I usually hate sports hassle (sorry), but this is a top combination of effort and relaxation with an inspiring coach. Recommended!


#P. Bolt, The Netherlands


Ɵ Holistic Strategic Management


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