Ɵ Holistic Strategic Management


Consultancy, Coaching & Training

Service Process

Project Plan

In collaboration with the customer (customer' team) a set of steps, milestones will be scheduled, and one or more projects planned.


For the purpose of achieving the the planned milestones, a series of services will be provided.

Control indicators will suggest level of completion (success) achieved. Adjustment of project(s) plan, schedule and milestones will follow.

Progress Reports

For every planned stage of development or latest every 81+ days a progress report will be created. Progress Report Presentations, New Assessment and Adjustament of the Project Plan will follow.


Identification of goals, needs, challenges. Status "IT IS" and wished "SHOULD BE" conditions. Design of a "BRIDGE" process (services, products) designed to evolve into the "SHOULD BE" wished condition.

Ɵ Holistic Strategic Management Consultancy


The ability to solve challenges by approaching them from several perspectives simultaneously (Matrix-Q Intelligence) can be developed/enhanced in an organization, team or individual performance.


Holistic Strategic Management means to implement strategic solutions by taking in consideration the multidimensional matrix of factors and variables, conditions, circumstances that influence a business process.


The PTƟ Tools for holistic strategic management utilize systemic, holistic and synergetic tools for the perception (assessment), organization, operation (decision making) with human, natural and artificial phenomena.Holistic means the whole [holos:totality] of the organization.


A systemic perception tool is utilized for assessment, with 9 main classes of activities, tasks, responsibilities or functions that integrate the whole process of the organization. Later, after the organization of the whole aspects of the company in these 9 classes, we will proceed with assessment, design of the necessary strategies, project plan for the process of implementation, control and reports of progress.


Coaching, Training & Assessment.


  • Assessment: Nature inspired assessment tools, will serve for the identification of the ideal milestones, design of an organiza development process.


  • Coaching: Individual or team coaching will focus on enhancing the abilities necessary for the achievement of the planned milestones.


  • Training: New skills, information or methods would be necessary in order to complete the foundation need by the team/individuals.



Information & Booking


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Conferences & Presentations


Periodically we organize presentations and conferences, online or at our location.


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“Nu paar weken samen met Luis aan het trainen. Heb normaal hekel aan sportschool gedoe (sorry) maar dit is een top combinatie van inspanning en ontspanning met een inspirerende coach. Aanrader ! ”


Now work with Luis for a couple of weeks. I usually hate sports hassle (sorry), but this is a top combination of effort and relaxation with an inspiring coach. Recommended!


#P. Bolt, The Netherlands


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